Is this your first yoga class?

I am honored to introduce you to this ancient practice.

Here are a few things you need to know before taking your first yoga class or beginning at a new studio:

  • Always get to class 10-15 minutes early with your yoga mat.
  • Come as you are! Yoga is for everyone and every body type.
  • First check-in at the front desk and take your shoes, bag and phone (on silent or off) and store them in a cube.
  • Let’s meet! I want to meet you, learn more about who you are, and answer any questions you have prior to class beginning.


What should I wear?

If you’ve never done Yoga before, don’t feel pressured into buying a new pair of Yoga pants.  Please know that Yoga is for everyone, and it’s more important that you feel comfortable and confident  in what you’re wearing. It’s recommended to wear layers on your top half so you can remove them if you feel too warm and re-layer as we are cooling down from our practice. Also, know that Yoga is generally practiced with bare feet. However, feel free to keep your toes cozy with socks until your body is warmed up.


Do I need to bring my own yoga mat and props?

Our studio has yoga straps, blocks and blankets, all you will need to bring is a your most glorious body and your yoga mat. If you do not have a mat, come see me before class begins so I can make sure you get one of our extra mats.

I recently had a (Surgery, Accident, Illness)? Should I still participate in a class?

You know your body better than anyone, I suggest you come to class at your own personal discretion. If you do come, let me know these things before we begin our practice. I need to know what you have going on in your body to assist you with modifications during our practice. Please stop or release a pose if you are in pain. No pain is allowed!

Some of the poses I have seen look complicated, how will I know if I am doing it right?

Doing it “right” is not the goal. All yoga poses will look and feel differently in each body. Make the posture work for you. This is YOUR practice. Throughout the class, I will be walking by and suggesting maybe a shift in engagement or asking if you are comfortable in the posture.

If you have any other questions, just let me know…

Jessie Yates
Paz Yoga and Wellness